Sunday, April 11, 2010

in war stories

BRANDON FINALLY CALLED! wayhhoooo! These things have happened

1. they got steaks and he ate his too pink and got sick
2. pam and jim are married (they've been watching the office and this was really happy to him)
3. he found a five pound bag of gummie bears and they were gone really really really fast
4. RIP benjamin franklin the lamb (he was killed in crossing fire, a soccer ball hit him and he died...)
5. dan caught a FIVE FOOT LIZARD and they are keeping it somewhere... I don't want to know
6. Camel spiders (if you want to know what they are look them up... you will wish you hadn't) are EVERYWHERE right now, and they numb your flesh before they start to eat you! EUGH~! Brandon said he was on post one night outside the higher up's tent and it was like eleven oh clock when he started hearing SCREAMS like little girls, when he went into the tent they were all up on their beds yelling and screeching because there was a camel spider.
7. they went into a town yesterday looking for a weapons cache brandon walked about with the metal detector and couldnt find anything so he started sweeping people (they didn't find that nearly as funny as he did.) and then he found a really cool knife buried.
8. we are NOT going to disneyland with the people i nanny for and he is really really happy about that, and i am too.
9. their puppy nixon wont eat MRE's and just stares at them sadly.
10. I absolutely cannot wait to see this man, and I love him so much.
11. Brandon wants to do an olympic triathalon when he gets home
12. Brandon wants to go to school when he gets home
13. I told Brandon about the Apron I made with mom yesterday and he was absolutely speechless. And then he blubbered like a fish.

That's all for now, the phone kept dying on me... but HE IS COMING HOME SOON so hold onto your socks!


Ariana said...

I think I watched a Man v. Wild once where Bear Grylls eats a camel spider. Groooooossssssss.

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