Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"the sweet far thing"-yeats

well folks, he's not so far away- charlie company flew to camp leatherneck from their station fob Payne on monday (im not sure what the fob is for...i thought it was COP). brandon declares he will never eat another imitation pork rib patty ever again. i asked him to describe the shape of it and he said it is rectangular with three lumps that are supposed to be ribs but there are no ribs in these babies.

we are both very anxious and very happy that this is coming to a close and excited for the next chapter of our lives TOGETHER.

i am going to be journeying up to rexburg this next weekend to see housing and take pictures and grab documents etc. i hope there is still room for us! i hear married housing fills up quite quickly there so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to tell me!

i want brandon to be a part of this decision though so i can't really "secure" a place until he nods yes.

i know i'll like the place more if he likes it too. :]

they should be in the states in about ten days!

it's at the end time like this where i cannot help but turn my mind to the families who lost their sons this deployment. it will be a bitter bitter sweet reunion for those who are still coming to the welcome home.

i truly admire them and their strength to hope, and press on with smiles on their faces and courage in their hearts no matter how sad they feel.


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