Sunday, May 23, 2010

time time time, see what's become of us

"The world will continue to turn, lives go on,
the clock keeps ticking.. And deployments? THEY END! And for us, the
moment they step off that bus, and hold us in their arms.. Time will lay
down and be still.. An eternity will pass in those first few moments of
bliss.."-brianna j

this week is going to be the hardest week of them all.
my mom says most car accidents happen in the last ten miles of home.

i cannot even describe the torrent of emotions that run through me, one moment i am ecstatic and the next i am deeply depressed.

many people want to know why and someday when i get it figured out i'll tell you.

i just have to be grateful and humble and happy,
so that i dont ruin the moment we've been waiting for for almost a year.

im going to sleep in like a crazy woman, and then do a few things to keep myself busy tomorrow.

im going to do that for four or five days.

a general update for those who care
brandon and charlie company have left afghanistan and are in kygerkistan (?) on an air force base until tonight when they leave for home

they will stop in probably two more places one in germany and another in london to fill and hopefully only refuel.

brandon sent out an email asking that everyone respect his wishes to be left alone for a while.
for some people this means waiting until he seeks you out,
and for me it means not going to california with most of the other marine wives.
even though i have family there and i would give anything to be away from my empty house for one more week alone.

it means respecting him now, and loving him as he IS and can be again, not as he was or how we idolize him to be.

and more than anything
trusting the lord will put things in their proper place.
with time.

lord help me and those that love him that must wait for him.

as a note to other people and friends who have asked about him or want to see him when he gets home.
please wait until he seeks you out. we were married three rocky months before he left me for a year.
we'd appreciate the time to be a family unit again, and learn how to get back up from this experience together before we have dinner with you and chit chat about normal things.

it doesn't mean we don't love you
but try to imagine what it is like to have your wife or your husband away from you for that long and being back together again.


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