Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adventure time- afghanistan time

Dear Brandon,
I wonder every day how you chose me of all the people in this earth.
Pee ess
Thank you for calling me this morning, even though it kept hanging up it was still important to me that you made the effort to tell me in between cracking and silence how much I mean to you. This marriage is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and probably ever will happen (crossing fingers for baby life happening when you get home). This thanksgiving it went without saying that I am grateful for you- but I think it's more important to say that outloud to you and show you with whatever I can by sending boatloads of mail and today I built the best care package EVER.
There is so much you are missing, and I am just missing you. There's an old house down the road that looks like its abandoned and from england. And further down the road there is a daycare called ADVENTURE TIME.
Will you come with me there when you get home?

p p s
thank you for calling me again today. that makes TWO times.

Love again,


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