Saturday, November 14, 2009

more love letters

Hi sweet heart.

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to say all the things i love about you! These things are many.

I'll start with your head. Your reckless hair (whose roots may have branched into your brain), which I love. Your mind. I want to hook your head up to speakers and a projector (if you don't mind) because the glimpses I caught of the concoctions happening in there are the finest things I have ever seen or heard. Eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, and all other condiments to your face reminds me that no matter how well artists try to imitate the beautiful in life its just not like the real thing. You are beautiful in a rare way. Like the world's night lights, or a young unicorn. And the rest of your corps: venus de milo, but with arms and a way better face. I love your laugh and your smile (of which you have many. my favorite is the one when I know you love me, and the mischievous one, and the one before we eat). I have never been bored when I am with you. You always make me laugh. And no matter what crazy thing I need you to do for me (like wake up at 4am and take me to work) you always love me, and want to see me even if it is inconvenient. You make me the most delicious food, and recommend the best books. You are so good with kids. i think all the babies in the world would want you to be their mother.I love that you married me. I love your unwavering loyalty to me, and those you love. You always put love first in your life. I love your close relationship with God. I even love the way you drive, and your road rage. I love how you are always humming, and always have a glass of water by your bed and sometimes forget to flush the john. I love that you let me be me. i love That you accept all my primitive manly ways, and love me for who i am, and help me see who i can become. I love you for loving me and being a part of me and that I am not me without you and If i think of me i think of you and I am no more i but us, and we. And i want to be with you forever just how you are and I can't even imagine all the laughter that lies ahead of us.

i love you because i do.

because you are you.





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