Saturday, November 14, 2009

from brandon with love

Do you remember that time on our second date after we just unsuccessfully finished capturing cows when we were standing on the road just as the sun was going down watching those horses run back and forth in that field?
Or that time we captured a bunny?
Or the time i woke you up with a daisy in your hand?
Or when i wrote you a poem about how you smell?
Or the time when we decided to get married?
Or the time when time stopped because we were married for forever?
Or the time I went away, and left you all alone but then I came back and we went back to school and we're like best friends still chasing cows on the weekends, and misspelling words with flowers, and how we'd laugh till we felt sick and still decide to go out for Thai.
I'll love you forever Jacqueline Cochran


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