Wednesday, May 26, 2010

brandon is now in california at camp pendleton- he is currently cellphoneless but it is on so if you want to lea ve him a message or text he'd love that i'm sure. (maybe...) he should be there for two more days and then be home on saturday! right now we aren't sure if they will get everything done that they must in caliofrnia in that short of a time slot. last i spoke with him he was waiting in line to see a medical dentist and then off to get tested for HIV. which is standard for all of the men. they returned all their guns and gear last night and brandon tried to wash his camis (camouflage) but all the dryers were being used or broken, so he's been wet all day. they arrived around 1 or 2 pm california time and he has not gone to bed since.


Alison said...

Hurray!!!! I am glad his biggest worry now is waiting for a dryer to use.:)

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