Thursday, December 31, 2009


This letter comes to you tonight from the heart of a lonely Marine; a Marine that doesn’t want to embellish nor diminish the future that awaits him. There is no comfort in the practice of war. There is no peace in the knowledge that I know how to kill a man with a bayonet or that from 500 yards I can send a bullet into the face of a man nine out of ten times and sometimes ten out of ten. But I do have peace in you, and comfort in your arms and touch, and the simple knowledge that our souls have been knitted together and though our destinies are bound together it is through that bond I have become free. This bond saved me. And it will continue to save me time again as I face the demons of my life and the demons that are not mine but the worlds but that I have volunteered to fight for the world. My body is separated into two worlds. Five to five I am schooled in the art of taking life, and from five to five I try to build our life by creating it. My mind races across the hell I will travel witnessing the tragedy and tears, the bullets and blood, and the faces that will be lost to fate. At its end I see you. I see us. I see that although this journey begins in hell, it ends in heaven; and that cannot embellish nor diminished.

Love me through hell and high water and I will take you to a better place. Maybe even Olive Garden.

Forever yours,



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