Monday, December 28, 2009

With love, the beautiful brandon

So this is another I almost peed in my pants moment. This is the second letter I've gotten from brandon in two months- mom joked about it being sent on a camel but I think even a camel would have made it to my house faster than the military mail has.

for the people who care
this is what it says:
Ah Honey!
I miss you so much, not even this empty desert is as lonely as I am. I guess the old adage is true, distance makes the heart grow fonder, maybe thats why so many people... nevermind. Anyways you are on my mind always, I hope you are safe and happy. I look at my pictures of you and still cant believe how I married such a beautiful lady. I cant believe I married the love of my life Jacqueline Francis! You make me so happy even when I am not with you just the though of you makes me smile. I say a thousand prayers a day that I will come home to your sweet face. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for deepening my smile wrinkles.

Yesterday I led my first combat patrol outside our outpost (the others were inside and mostly just to the chow hall). We went out to check on the trip flares surrounding the base. Most had been set off by animals.

I fell in a canal of water but overall it was succesful.

We did another this morning to a small village a mile away. Its funny we have these super cool vehicles that take us everywhere but yet we choose to walk.

We are very safe from IED's because there are so many goats around. All with 4 or more legs.

The people said we were scaring the women and children. I hid my disfigurments as best I could but to no avail they discovered my ugliness. We just might loose this war on account of my face.


I have no words brandon.


Anonymous said...

"Dear Heavenly Father, Please bless the goats in Helmand Province to continue keeping Brandon safe...."

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