Wednesday, January 6, 2010

reap what you sew

Brandon called me last night to tell me that god hears our prayers. It's funny that I needed someone 5,000 miles away to call me and tell me that. Like God is lifetimes away and still right here. All the time.

I know it's selfish, but mostly I just pray for brandon's safety- and the safety of his men that he is with. My heart is filled with gratitude every night for his life in mine, it is overwhelming.

And the moment I think that my heart can't find any more space to be filled in, I remember that my love for him is just a portion of God's love for me, and for you and for everyone on this earth.

Brandon's purpose in calling was to tell me before I heard through the grapevine and worried my guts out
that some men were trying to plant an IED (a bomb) on the road they take everyday out of their camp in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan,

but the bomb blew up before they could plant it.

Brandon was sent out to the wreck to take pictures of the bodies and document the incident.

He said that war is so much more fake than movies.

You've been de-sensetised by the guts and gore of the media.

I don't want to say I hope so, but I do hope he's right.

He told me the Village Elder couldn't look them in the eyes when they went to question if he knew about the men's intentions.

Brandon says he doesn't blame him, because he knows the Taliban comes to the Elder's house too- he knows that they threaten to kill his family. They know that the Americans come to his house as well.

What a tough spot to be in. I know now, that I need to not just pray for Brandon and his men, but for the people of afghanistan- so that their hearts will know what is right. So they will know that if they don't help us, like we are helping them- that the violence will continue. That the Taliban won't stop at just killing the families. They'll do whatever it takes. Even risk their own lives to kill us, the afghani people and whoever else opposes them.

When I say us, I mean the men and women who are out there fighting right now.

So that we can get in our cars, and go to the grocery store. So that our children can play in the streets. So that our homes are safe from people who could come into them and threaten our lives, our families. Here.

Brandon said he was praying two hours before the bomb was heard going off. He said this:

"Heavenly father, please soften the taliban's hearts, so that I can go home and be with my wife. But if they won't soften their hearts, please help them reap what they sew."

God hears our prayers.


Tressa said...

That's a really cool story. Thank you for sharing- it helped strengthen my faith. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. (I hope you don't feel like I'm a big creeper. My husband, Johnny, and you are friends.)

Anonymous said...

"Choose ye this day....?" You do not often know where our safety comes from. Today we know. Thank you both for your service of faith and good works. Without them....

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