Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boost your moral- grow a mustache.

Brandon called this morning. Already I can't wait for him to call again. I was so sleepy but we laughed and laughed (okay maybe lack of sleep had a LITTLE bit to do with it) that and he is seriously thinking of coming home with a full mustache.

"But I thought you liked facial hair!?" he cried
I do, but mustaches have been kr33ping me out lately. It's not even that their formidable rise to popularity has been kinda irksome, just the people I associate with who have them that I can't stand at all.

He said he'll pray about it, but the general consensus among his ranks is that he should keep it.

I told him I'll pray about it and I'LL decide if my eyeballs like it enough so that my face-mouth will like it too.

He says He'll groom the thing.

I'm thinking chuck norris with a beautiful mcdonald's archway over his forehead
and then I think about how I'm just looking out for his well being- his fashion's well being. Right now it's probably not "being" much...

I can't be sure if I would help him by telling him to get rid of the thing, since it seems to be boosting moral.

That and this substance.



oh Brandon. I am so glad you signed us up for dental insurance before you left.

We ARE selling your contract to the air force as soon as possibly otherwise you may have dentures before you are thirty.

So, I need to send a sling shot (because apparently men running from dogs holding machine guns is unmanly- and men running from dogs with machine guns AND sling shots IS MANLY!)

more hot cocoa.
anything chocolate.
pancake mix.

and more love than I can fit in a box
because I can't fit myself in those flat rate boxes.

even with spin classes.

[jesus=#1 in our hearts]


Anonymous said...

He comes from a manlyhaired line. Jeans arise!

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