Monday, February 8, 2010

Rules rules.

I am going to edit this letter- but I got three in the mail today and they were wrapped up in the crummy usual mash of newspaper coupon clipping items that occupies my mailbox, so at first I did not see them and then when I let the mash drop to the floor I screamed with joy and grabbed the three white envelopes.

Then I proceeded to read them, burst out in tears- became quiet and laugh and laugh and laugh and then bawl until the water rolled down my face onto my hands, arms, lips, and all the letters. c'est fin.

But here's one.

p.s. in the marine corps they have a bunch of NUTTY rules that haven't been changed (or enforced thank the Lord) because they are so old and ABSOLUDICROUS that nobody has bothered- an example of this is this:

"a marine will ONLY USE BLACK INK in any form of writing."

CRAZY IN THE COCONUT, YES? I'm not even kidding.

January 19 2010

Dear Jacqueline,

The pen is blue! This may be the only blue pen in the entire southern half of Afghanistan. This is considered contraband, considering that marines ONLY use black pens. So don't go telling everyone back home your boys got a blue pen. I'll be court martialed! JK but REALLY. I was so excited to find this, like the day I found you. I just got off the phone with you. Things sound pretty... well the opposite of HOMEo-stasis. You have my permission to move to Australia. Yesterday I was chased by a big dog. What a sight to see four marines with automatic weapons running from a pooch just trying to guard a couple ducks. Anyway, we made it out alive, mostly. Except our pride. Do you know how much I miss you? [-------] x infinity That's a lot.

I love you
you love I?

Marry me?



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