Friday, February 12, 2010

Rememories pt 2

Remember that field?
Remember how the light was an oxymoron?

How the sky was painted a perfect gray but there were holes that the rain had come through lightly after punching through? Like a big doily.

That filtered sunlight.

Remember kneeling in that pasture and praying for that weather to make up its mind?

Whether it was coming or going
and I didn't mind,
watching you running through the tall grass mooing at the cows
who must have thought you quite ridiculous.

I recall you asking me, with your tight shirt and your muscles bearing down on me
if I would bring your car into that wide space.

Sarcastically I bit back with "oh yeah, I'll just carry it right over the ditch..."

I wondered if you could though...

silly huh.

I thought you could do everything.

With the small exception of you catching a cow to ride.

We fed the sheep instead,
they were skittish but gentle

they wouldn't go near you.

Are you sure you want to be a farmer?

That's okay though because they liked my hand, and they nibbled nicely on my ring.

You laughed at me because I wore the boots

and you,
in tennis shoes
in the mud.

Remember how I turned to look at your green eyes,
the sun was shining and it was raining softly

and in the distance crowning the top of your bare head

were two rainbows


And for the first time

even though the sheep liked me better

we matched


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