Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oz never did give nothin to the tin man, that he didn't already have.

The Beautiful Brandon. (makeup by carbon chemical dust provided by your local taliban)

The skeptical quilt recievers... hahaha- brandon is handleing the quilt so daintily.

just a chimney sweep! ORBITZ clean

there is a black sheep in here somewhere... still covered in taliban dust.

zach anderson- brandon's sgt and friend on left and brandon on right

REAAAALLLL FUNNY. "I wanted to get EXACT coordinates for the IED"

the racks, the crew (brandon is hanging up his towel in the left corner ishness)

I PUT A TON OF OTHER PICTURES ZACH SENT MEGAN ON MY PERSONAL BLOG www.franceis.blogspot.com afghanistan is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Brandon only stays at the nicest places. Thanks for sharing. I can hear him saying, "Look, my mom made it. Just smile at the camera and look like you like it. That's right, smile, a little bigger. She really likes you, yeah, you...."

Everyone said...

We enjoyed seeing this pictures. Our son is a corpman in 4th LAR Charlie Co. I have been searching for some news or pictures on them. These pictures help us envision where our son is and some who are with him. Thank you for posting them.

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