Wednesday, January 20, 2010

July 1 2009 With deepest sympathy

At three oh clock today
I finally got out of bed.
The night was a long one the room I slept in overrun by new nieces
sleeping all over the bed, in a crib and on the couch.
After two sets of earplugs,
six hours of tossing and turning
moving addi from the couch to the bed and myself waking with every noise the baby made
I marched downstairs,
knocked on brandon's door
and said
it's your turn.

This morning he asked me if I still wanted kids.

I asked him to marry me
he said yes
and so I asked him when he was going to ask me
since I ask him every day.


I stepped out of the shower and threw on some underwear
feeling good about my finally
not so albino skin
I threw open the bathroom door
and glanced around my room.
(I would say I threw my eyes around the room but I am beginning to think I throw too many things.)

Stuff everywhere.
Except something was different from when I got in the shower.
On my bed near the left edge facing towards me
is the most beautiful rose I have ever seen.
Next to the rose
are the words
typed from
an old type

Sundance ski lift 6PM
See you at the top.

I turn over the card and a pink ticket for the sundance lift falls to the floor.
I glance on the other side of the card
for more clues

and read the words
"With deepest sympathy"
Orem Floral & Gift

I'm not sure
whether to laugh or cry
so I do both.

I get to be with you forever.

Wherever you go
I go too.

and so I am lucky
and I guess you should know


Will you marry me tomorrow and the next day and the day after that?

With deep sympathy,
Jacqueline J Francis (tentatively in the most assured manner) Cochran


Anonymous said...

As if it were yesterday. He is crazy about you.

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